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We offer many different types of expenses that you are able to claim through Lead Employer.  Please visit the following options to find out more about each expense and how you can easily send a request to us:


For a list of submission deadlines for expenses, please click here.


A Video Guide on How to Claim Expenses

Below, we have created a video as a guide for users to claim expenses online. It is split into two videos for those accessing it via your dekstop or mobile phone.



    Please click here



    Please click here


HEE Contacts by Area

As some of our expenses policies are co-ordinated by Health Education England (HEE), such as study leave and excess travel and relocation, you may need to forward your queries to your relevant HEE contact. Please visit the following links for your contact by area;

North West

Please visit Health Education North West


0161 268 9979

East Midlands

Please visit HEE East Midlands


0116 312 0671

West Midlands

Please visit HEE West Midlands


0121 695 2367

East of England

Please visit HEE East of England


Thames    Valley and London    

Please visit HEE London or HEE Thames Valley


01293 227 090